Benefits of GFRG panels


Whenever individuals decide to purchase interior architectural elements, whether it’s a couple of delicate medallions, or a stunning dome, or sculpture, or else classic fireplace surround, choosing a construction material is always a major decision. As long as the interior element will not be exposed to moisture or dampness, Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is a worthwhile option to consider.

Main Benefits of GFRG in the construction field :

  • GFRG is lightweight and strong

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is a building material that is quite strong. GFRG is also light, weighing in at just two to three pounds per square foot.Also Easy for the installation of sturdy elements without extra support.

  • Excellent Dimensional Stability And Durability

GFRG board is used to construct strong, high quality walls and ceilings for excellent dimensional stability and durability. Surfaces created using GFRG board are easily decorated and refinished.

  • No Crack And No Distortion  After Long Life Use

GFRG has no corrosive action on glass fiber. They do not typically require extensive maintenance and regular repairs, and are not susceptible to mold which ensures the stability and durability of the  product and appears no  Crack  and no distortion after long life use.

  • Less Manufacturing Time

Mold-release time and drying time of GFRG products is less when compared to other ,which can largely decrease the manufacture period.

  • Easy for Installation

GFRG are flexible different styles based on designing, architects. Also it can be spliced in large piece which can be integrated into different style without errors.