Limitations of GFRG Panels

  • Stacking

GFRG panels should neatly stacked to avoid distortion ,damage and moisture ingress.So it should stacked vertically on support extending the full length of the panel.

  • Cutting

Cutting GFRG Panel should made with specific machine and  tools.  All cutting shall be made according to the  client requirements.

  • Handling

Handling of panel should done with specific machinery and supporting tools. Movement of panel must slow with care to prevent undue sagging, cracking or damage to  panel  at the sides, edges and corners.

  • Delivery

GFRG panels should be packed and loaded with extreme care in loading, transportation and unloading .Also ensure the safety and protection the by avoiding  damages due to collision or collapse of the panels. Protection from rain for water resistant grade panels is generally not a constrain For GFRG Panels.